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1. Introduction

The burger is the most popular American food. What other meal is eaten throughout the country on a daily basis? Whether it’s hot dog, taco, hamburger or wings – almost everyone enjoys a good burger.
However, many people fail to recognize that there is such a thing as a great burger. There are so many variations in terms of quality, taste and texture that you may have to go through several different restaurants before you find one that offers everything you desire. This article aims to eliminate this problem by providing factual information about all the hamburger options available in the Williamsburg area. The guide aims to provide burgers from all of the best restaurants around Williamsburg and provides reviews for each restaurant based on quality, taste, and price.

2. What Makes a Burger Great?

The hamburger is one of the most beloved American dishes. And why not? It’s delicious, and it’s versatile; baked, grilled, or even fried. It comes in a variety of flavors and textures.
And, if you’re anything like us here at NY Deli, you’ll love that we have a full list of burgers to choose from! You might be wondering what makes a burger great. Maybe you have been craving that classic grilled burger but can’t stomach the thought of getting up for a real meal. Or maybe you don’t think grilled burgers are all that great – perhaps you would rather opt for our new blue cheese burger recipe instead?!
We understand how important it is to find the perfect hamburger recipe! We know how difficult it can be to find a place that serves hamburgers exactly the way we like them – they don’t come like that every day! So we made this list to help our readers find the perfect burger recipe for them.

3. The Perfect Burger

The perfect burger is hard to find because the term doesn’t really encompass what makes a really good burger. There are no right and wrong burgers. There are only different styles of burgers: The perfect burger will be the one that satisfies your needs, tastes good, and is easy to eat.
The most important factor in finding a good burger is the bun. If you’re looking for a hamburger, you want something that’s got a soft bun, preferably artisan-made. A softer bun holds together better than a harder one.
It enhances flavor by letting in moisture from the meat, which helps boost juiciness by trapping more of it on top of the patty as it cooks.
The best hamburgers are made from grass-fed beef and are cooked over wood or charcoal fires—not gas grills or electric ones. Contrary to popular belief , gas grills don’t burn grass much at all—only about 3% of their output goes into “charring.” Electric grills do produce some smoke flavor, but again, not enough heat to actually char anything; they just give off more sparks than wood does (which shouldn’t cause you any problems). However, if you want to grill your own burgers, this link has great info on how to do it .

4. Blue Cheese and Burgers: A Match Made in Heaven

When talking about burgers, we’ve got to callout our Grilled Blue Cheese Burgers, they are simply amazing.
Americans love their burgers because they make us feel like we’re eating something worth the calories and fat. If a burger has good meat, lots of it, and is cooked well, then it’s an American hamburger. And if you can find it out of a local place with an excellent reputation, then you have found your burger place.
One of our most popular burgers is the Blue Cheese Burger which features blue cheese on a grilled hamburger patty with bacon and onions. We also have a grilled burger called the Anxious Bacon Cheeseburger which features bacon on a grilled hamburger patty with cheddar cheese and applewood smoked bacon. We also have other delicious burgers such as the Bacon Cheeseburger or even our homemade Black Bean Burger which features grilled onions and crispy bacon on a grilled black bean patty.
These are just some of our favorite burgers here at NY Deli but we don’t stop at hamburgers! We also have a number of other delicious foods such as crab cakes, grilled or steamed shrimp and so much more right in Williamsburg!
We hope that you enjoy your visit to NY Deli but remember that we will always be happy to give you expert recommendations when it comes to choosing where to eat!