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“The manager is always there making sure everything is just perfect. We love it. Thanks for making it a perfect place to enjoy our favorite sandwiches and meals.” – Peggy & Ned M.

Best Deli Ever

“I had lunch at New York Deli, I finally made my decision after looking at ALL the subs and placed my “special” order. No problem with that they are happy to serve what you want. The wait was not to long and the sub was SO worth it. I intended to only eat half but I had forgotten how much I like Smithfield ham and even though I was almost to full for the rest of the afternoon I just had to eat the whole thing. I will be going back soon. – Katrina W.

Not Your Ordinary Sub

Great food, great prices, great atmosphere, huge portions!!! I love to go with the family, order a little bit of everything and share. I never leave empty or unhappy. Except for on Mondays when they are closed!” – Katie H.

Huge Portions!

“Great environment to groups and teams to eat. You can put tables together for larger groups or take them apart for smaller groups. Something for everyone! “The food is fantastic! Great environment to groups and teams to eat. You can put tables together for larger groups or take them apart for smaller groups. Something for everyone!” – Beth B., New Kent, VA

The food is fantastic!

“If you’re looking for a great deli sandwich, NY Deli really hits the spot. I have been a fairly regular diner at this restaurant over the past few years and frankly I usually order a Pastrami sub or a pizza which is my preference. The interesting thing to me about this place is that in a resort town like Williamsburg, VA with literally 150 restaurants from which to choose, NY Deli is virtually always packed! I will personally attest to the consistent quality of the food but the sheer volume of local attendance at their door each day says a lot. Highly recommended if you haven’t given them a try.” – John T., West Point, VA

Great Deli Sandwich

“Whenever I’m in Williamsburg, I know I can get a solid sandwich from NY Deli. I’m a big fan of the pastrami but recently had the Italian sub and thought it was very good. I’d like to try the pizza someday too but haven’t yet. They’re usually pretty crowded but it cycles fast. – James M., Richmond, VA

Very Good!

“Great casual venue with good food and reasonable prices. I love that it has phone ahead ordering and that if you order inside, you just walk up to the counter. I’m not a fan on waiting on wait staff to take my order and bring my drink so I prefer self serve style. Delicious food! Generous portions, even in the kid’s meals. Will definitely return. – Judith S., Williamsburg, VA

Reasonable Prices

“What more could you ask for? My family made it a point to eat here on our vacations from abroad. Try any of the hot subs, you will not regret it.”- Chris G., Williamsburg

Great food! Great service!

“I have had an amazing turkey sub that was enough for 2 meals, and the pizza, well its all in the sauce right? Yum. My friend thought the Reuben was wonderful.”- Tia S., Williamsburg, VA

So good…

“I only get to visit here a few times a year but they make the best subs anywhere I go. I have been ordering the same Roast Beef Sub (The Chandler) for 40 years. They make it perfect every time. I will drive an hour out of my way to have a sub here. I wish they wouldn’t close on Monday. Love this spot!!!” – Jimmy P., Crofton, MD

Love this Spot!

“We love stopping in and grabbing lunch or dinner when heading to Busch gardens or water country USA during the summer months. My husband and I will take the 40 min drive for a date night. I have no complaints on the food always leaved stuffed and taking a box home for lunch or dinner the next day. Prices are reasonable and the employees are super nice.. Establishment is very clean!” – Julie R., Spring Grove, VA

Establishment is very clean!

“We visited New York Deli back in 2012 and really enjoyed the food and service. We vowed that whenever we are in Williamsburg Va, we will always stop into New York Deli. My wife really enjoyed the Reuben Rye. She gave me a taste and now I am hooked on the Reuben Rye. Can’t say enough about New York Deli: Great Food, Great Portions, and Great Price. Visit if in the area, you will not be disappointed.” – Benjamin K. & Debra K., Woodbridge, VA

Great Service