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Williamsburg Virginia Family Friendly place to eatWe are one of the most family friendly and kid friendly restaurants or sandwich shops in Williamsburg, Lightfoot or James City County. The Williamsburg, Va area is a family oriented place and nothing brings a family together like a good meal. But eating out with children is not always easy. Throw in hunger and the endless excitement of visiting the many attractions in Williamsburg Virginia and Lightfoot, and being a parent can be downright difficult. A labor of love of course.

 Selecting A Family Friendly Restaurant in Williamsburg

Obviously great food that appeals to everyone is probably primero uno on every parent’s list of what they expect in the Williamsburg area. And I can’t say I argue with them. We feel that way as well. That is why our food is absolutely scrumptious. That might seem like a bold statement since there is no official “scrumptiousness” award. But there is a Best of Williamsburg Award which we have won every year for over a decade. Just to put that in perspective, that is hundreds of Williamsburg parents and families voting us the best. So we have the incredible food. You can check that off your family friendly requirement list.

Tips For Parents Looking For Family Friendly Restaurants

But even with great food and a boisterous family atmosphere I found some tips to help you manage that family restaurant outing. Even the most kid friendly places can only go so far. No there is no one way to manage your kid’s behavior or moods. But every little tip helps


Have lots of things for them to do. Even in a fast paced place like NY Deli & Pizza you will wait a little. Have those cell phones charged up so the kids can play with them in line or waiting at the table to get their food. Have an extra cell phone battery pack charged up to because they may finish sooner than you at the table and if they are out of power, they are going to be keeping you busy.

 Avoid The Public Stress: Parent Carryout Or Takeoutkid friendly restaurant

 Call ahead for pickup. Call us and place that order. Take it out and you can bring it to the kids whine free at home or in your hotel room. This is a fantastic way to avoid any family mealtime drama at all. Call us for carryout:

Meal Time or Meal Whine

Have you ever heard the term hangry? This term has been around but was brought to prominence by being a Snickers label. But it is profoundly true. When you are hungry it affects your moods. For many, especially children or kids, it can cause mood swings. Kids who are hungry and cranky are not going to be fun if it is hours past mealtime. So here are a couple of options:

Visit us early..

Time and hunger do not mix. We are open all day. Come join us with the whole family. Get the family fed early and eliminate angry hunger as a contributor to a rough family dining experience.

The Right Family Food Favorites

Our menu is designed to appeal to a wide range of ages. We have pizza,sandwiches, burgers, salads, subs, and Italian specialties. These are all very popular with the kids as well. Naturally if the kids are eating and not being bored or complaining, your experience is going to be more enjoyale.

A Real Parents Seal Of Approval

As I mentioned before, we have been voted Best of Williamsburg year after year. Thousands of parents know good food. And their children do as well. We have a menu that can appeal to all ages with family favorites like:

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