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Step up your sandwich experience with some addons!

NY Deli sandwiches are great as they are. But it can also be great to try some additions to change this up a little. We recently asked our customers how they customize their Deli Express. Of course, we were delighted when people said they’re perfect as they are, we were also delighted to learn some options for changing things up.

  1. You can never go wrong with the basics of ketchup, mustard and mayo. There’s a reason these three have been sandwich favorites for generations.
  2. Take a step from basic condiments to specialty items, like sriracha mayo, flavored mustards, horseradish sauce, oil and vinegar, hummus, guacamole or tapenade.
  3. Rethink how you heat the sandwich. One customer prefers to put the whole sandwich in a toaster oven, while another toasts only the buns and heats the meat and cheese in a microwave. That will give the bun a crisper, toastier texture.
  4. Veggies are always a great addition to a sandwich. Try pickles, or even raw cucumbers; lettuce, tomato, onion, sprouts, avocado, spinach, sweet bell peppers, even sauerkraut or cole slaw.
  5. Like a little heat? Our sandwiches pair wonderfully with jalapenos (raw or pickled), chipotles, poblanos and banana peppers. Or if you really like the fire, try habanero, ghost or—gasp—the Carolina Reaper. Remember: Dairy products help put out these kinds of fires better than plain water.