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Rainy Day Pizza In Williamsburg Virginia

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Rain takes away the pep in everyone’s step. It gets in the way of plans and it often carries a melancholy aura. However, rain cannot be avoided. Summer weather in Williamsburg threatens rain somewhat frequently. Pop-up storms happen throughout the summer, as do random stretches of downpour. So, what are you supposed to do these […]

Perfect DIY Holiday Gifts

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Let’s face it, homemade Christmas gifts are sometimes the best gifts to give (and receive). They’re more affordable and have a lot of heart and thought packed into them. You can really make your DIY Christmas gift unique because it’ll be different and unlike anything else you can find in the shops. Opting for homemade […]


New York Deli Pizza carryout

Carryout In Williamsburg   Looking for great food for carryout in Williamsburg or Lightfoot? The New York Deli and Pizza restaurant is the perfect carryout or takeout option. A simple call gets fresh made to order food ready for pickup for anything you may have going on.   Our Williamsburg carryout is perfect for:   […]

Williamsburg Shopping Tips For Parents

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We have all experienced it. Whether shopping in Merchant’s Square, the Prime Outlets, or the Pottery in Williamsburg(to name a few), shopping with kids is not always fun. You have your list and things you need to focus on, but you still have to be a parent. And add to that it is the holiday […]

History of The Reuben

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  Who knew that deli greatness would be made It was the early 20th century. A popular businessman mixed swiss cheese, sauerkraut, corned beef, and Russian dressing over rye. Little did he know that this mix of sweet, salty, meaty, and tangy would be a sensation that persists well beyond the early 20th century and […]